Banks, Bailouts and the demise of Business Link from Factoring Finance

We engage with many small to medium sized businesses each and every day and hear all sorts of mixed opinions about levels of bank lending, excessive interest rates and security demands, and as such want to hear from anyone who wants to voice their opinion and take part in a survey on Banks, Bailouts & the demise of Business Link?

The survey is 12 questions long and takes 3-4minutes and although the results will be published via the Factoring Finance Ltd website, we can email more indepth data if so required?

Obviously (like any business we would love to hear from people who want to enquire about our services, BUT the survey is being conducted in order to write up an article based on facts and figures, and the perceptions and opinions of you the very people at the heart of issues brought up by the survey..

There will be an opportunity for people (and their businesses) to be quoted/promoted/given credit (if any publicity is wanted) from the respondents but prior permission will be sought before any quotes are published.

By all means please pass this link on to any business colleague whom you feel would like to participate or by all means include their details in our contact us section under the subject ‘Banks, Bailouts and the demise of Business Link’



Richard Appleby

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