Can I get more than 90 days factoring finance?

Most factoring companies provide a 90 day factoring facility but there are a limited number of providers that you can get factoring above the 90 days, but the usual upper limit we have seen it possible to get invoice finance for was 120 days.

That’s not to say that it isn’t possible to go above 120 days as there are some industries such as marine engineering and aviation where the invoice terms are a fair way beyond 120 days.

If you are not BAE systems, there are also some simple tips you can use to get the most of your invoice finance facility and Factoring Finance can help you find the one that’s right for your business and its individual invoice finance needs.

Factoring Start Point?

With most invoice finance providers the clock starts ticking on the day you submit the invoice to them. However with a select number of providers the clock starts kicking at the end of the calendar month. This means that if you are smarter with your invoicing you could submit an invoice on the second of the month with a 90 day factoring facility and essentially get another 27-29 days added on, taking you to 117 or 119 days before that invoice amount is settled.

A good factoring broker such as ourselves, will be able to select the most appropriate finance company and facility for your particular requirements.

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