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Thousands of UK businesses fail each year and although no business likes to think their own customers will fail, its a fact of life that every day, companies go into formal administration.

In a time when banks and even governments are becoming insolvent, the risk of even a previously prompt paying customer failing should not be overlooked.

Balancing yours and your customer needs

Sadly, your needs are not wholly compatible with you customer. You may want your customer to pay upfront for invoices and they will want to delay payment for as long as possible, and the longer the invoice terms, the greater the risk to you of non payment.

How do you manage those conflicting needs?

Invoice finance solutions such as factoring or discounting will advance up to 90% of the value of your invoices, but if the customer fails to pay, that advance needs to be addressed, and for this eventuality, Bad Debt Protection is the solution.

How does Bad Debt Protection work?

Bad Debt Protection is an affordable solution designed to complement your invoice finance agreement which mitigates the impact of bad debt caused by the formal insolvency of your customer.

Normal late payments will be typically covered by your invoice finance agreement and managed by the factoring provider. Bad Debt Protection is for when the company is insolvent and no amount of negotiation will work.

Certainty of payment when things go wrong

Bad Debt Protection, in conjunction with an invoice finance facility can put you ahead of your competitors, allowing you to take on more business and grow with confidence.

Without the worry of bad debt and poor cash flow, the two biggest threats to any business, you can focus more on the business.

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