Credit Insurance

In today’s ever changing world its not just companies that can become bankrupt and there has never been a more difficult economic and political trading environment for over 50 years.

Credit Management Solutions such as Credit Insurance enable you to choose what level of protection you require to prevent your business suffering from your customers going out of business and such policies are usually sold as standalone cover or as part of an invoice finance package.

Factoring Finance has access to a wide range of Credit Insurance policies which we can individually tailor to your company's specific needs, irrespective of the size of your business from start up to PLC, the type of business you have, what countries and industries you operate in or whether you want it as standalone cover or part of an Invoice Finance package which we can also help with.

Credit Insurance can be tailored to:

1) Offer a level of protection you feel fits your business

2) Put in place to protect 1 country or multiple countries

3) Bolster your existing internal or outsourced credit management procedures

4) Work in tandem with an Invoice Finance package such as invoice discounting or invoice factoring

5) Minimize your exposure to political risk and instability

6) Fit your individual trading requirements

For further details or to obtain a no obligation quotation simply get in touch via the site or call us direct and we can help you protect against insolvency or default of your customers.

Alternatively, you can use can call/email us directly with your query through the contact us section.

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