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Choosing an invoice financing company

How do you go about choosing a) the right business finance provider and b) the right solution for your needs? The answer is simple, let us do it for you!
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Invoice Factoring – better than an overdraft

Overdrafts are repayable on demand....With factoring or invoice discounting, as long as you don’t breach the terms of the facility agreement it is not possible for the facility to be withdrawn
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Banks accused of ‘fleecing’ customers

With the UK interest rates held at an unprescedented 0.5% for the 18th consecutive month, more and more critiscism is being directed towards the banks and accusations of ‘fleecing’ are as popular as ever.
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Surge in online retail activity and invoice finance

Small businesses operating eBay online stores received a welcome boost recently when it was revealed that in general the online business sector has seen rapid growth over the past 12 months.
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UK Prompt Payment Code Hypocrisy

It is a well known fact that cash flow problems are to businesses, what heart disease is to public health. Heart...
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